Monday, March 28, 2011

Please Read This!!!!!!!

When you use my template,please let me know through comments. i will provide your blog link in MY TEMPLATE USERS LIST in my home template blog (
Please give your comments in

How to get this template?

Please follow the instructions carefully to get this template for your blog.
(If you are already running your blog,save all of your current blog's side bar elements such as any links,lists,etc in an editor(eg:notepad).

1. First Download the template .. click here to download
2. Save this xml file to your computer.
3. Then click Design then click Edit HTML and then click Browse button and select the file which you downloaded and click Ok button.
4. Then click Upload button.
5. After uploaded,it will ask you to keep or delete the widgets.
6. If you are running your blog already then select Keep Widgets.
7. Your Template is saved and view your blog now.

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